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Created to stir the gypsy soul within. Each piece handmade with LOVE, cleansed under a full moon, charged up & ready to roam!


Karma Collection

Having learnt the art of intentional crafting from the hands of my Grandmother, this Karma Collection has been a lifetime in the making and a true joy in sharing! 


Everything is handmade & very special care is taken in choosing gemstones, shapes, materials & overall design of each product. Our prices reflect the vision for these gems to adorn all..even those goddesses with tight budgets! Our creative passions are in a constant flow of evolution, which means each piece holds a unique & special story. 

Deep within the heart, island vibes rest inside us all... Qualities of

peace, expansion, wisdom & courage... the idea is to be reminded of that truth daily. These pieces are meant to stir those intrinsic qualities of the heart!
It is such a honour & joy sharing these beauties with open-hearted tribes at festivals, markets, yoga studios & shops all around the globe. May this journey, yours & ours, be blessed. Aho!

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.
— Albert Einstein