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All levels are welcome.

The genius of this technology is it naturally meets you exactly where you are.

These classes will offer safe & effective ways to flow through postures, breath & self enquiry that bring the body, mind & heart back into a natural alignment.

If you are new or advanced the sequencing will target all levels & provide opportunity to take your practice deeper in every way. 



It’s powerful, connected & allows the practitioner to experience true freedom through movement.
The goal of this class is to cultivate presence by attaching movement to breath.
We will play, move, stretch, strengthen and detoxify.

You can expect a wholistic practice that nurtures body, mind and spirit.
Modifications and variations will be offered and encouraged, whether you want to add an extra element of challenge or back it off to nurture yourself.
You will leave having paid attention to every muscle, joint and bone in your body. You will likely feel worked, grounded and zen’d out.

Some Yoga experience is recommended.


Nurture & restore

This class is focused on a relaxed pace and a simpler approach to the postures, breathing, restoratives and guided relaxation.

Relax your mind, increase energy, and reduce stress.

Infusing ancient wisdom & inspiration this practice will nurture all aspects of your being. A great place for beginners & advanced yogis to explore the true depths of yoga.

Yoga & Live Music Workshops

Nurture & restore

Step into the most soulful blend of contemporary grooves, weaved with traditional mantras and paired with heart wisdom. A workshop combination of live sound and a yoga practice fuelled on waves of sound & collective breath, invoking the highest connection to self and awakening of mojo! 

Flow with your breath in an uplifting & playful yoga practice that consciously merges live music with body, mind and heart. Ride the wave of movement into the corners of your soul and reconnect to your own strength, beauty and truth… One present moment at a time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch!

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