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 journeys into self

moments for the heart to SATURATE the mind


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Cause the container of the body holds lifetimes of information and our cumulative past has taken up much real estate within the current cellular tissue of the muscles, joints & fascia. This is no joke... the way we move through life is being impacted on every level by monsters of stress, anxiety & reactivity. Excess tension in our tight hamstrings or worse... tight heart strings, have left us craving wholehearted connection to places of freedom, contentment & deep peace.

Our ability to feel fully, these human waves of breaking & healing, leaning in & running away, creating & destructing, are exactly what will lead us to the connection & compassion we crave. The heart knows how to truly honour & untangle the entire chaotic beautiful mess that exists within our cellular tissues & our everyday experience, it just asks for space to do so.

These offerings are a gift for your exploration of yoga to continue to unfold everywhere.

May the journey be blessed.
— Kimberly


Space to feel.

To take one precious moment to drop allegiance to the reactive mind

What yoga gives us, through discipline & dedication, are pathways back to intrinsic goodness & space to breathe nourishment, joy & energy into each reality. Regardless of how our mind is choosing to perceive our current situations… there is a interesting playground to explore that exchanges judgments for curiosity; ways of perceiving beyond old narrow viewpoints. May we create space to understand radical acceptance of where we are now, where we have been & the gift of a future that is not yet certain.

It all grist for the mill of experience, connection and maybe even love, afterall… isn’t that what we came here for?


Our stories so diverse & yet intricately intertwined, some hearts break while others are healing, some things coming together & others falling apart… sometimes in exactly the same moment.

May we find our place within the seat of the heart to continually meet & feel & let go, to be moved with life and its unpredictable & mysterious yet perfectly harmonious unfoldings.

May we seek solace & comfort in this knowing, that whatever we are moving through has been moved through before & while this moment may be too heavy to hold or too beautiful to contain, it ain’t gonna last forever, so let it hit hard in all the right places.

May we continue to stay open & free within our unique and genius ability to feel everything yet hold nothing. Naturally & organically without force… your breath will remind you how.

We can’t always be in the same room but we can always share & connect to the potent collective intention for peace, to source freedom from within and restore our innate harmony, allowing life to flow with grace.