Mind. Mind. Mind.

We’re addicted to our beliefs; we’re addicted to the emotions of our past. We see our beliefs as truths, not ideas that we can change. If we have very strong beliefs about something, evidence to the contrary could be sitting right in front of us, but we may not see it because what we perceive is entirely different. We’ve in fact conditioned ourselves to believe all sorts of things that aren’t necessarily true—and many of these things are having a negative impact on our health and happiness.
— Joe Dispenza

Our mind, the one thing we can’t run from. We could take one-thousand vacations to all the exotic locations and still come home needing a break.

What the traditional teachings of yoga and my enlightened friend Kaitlin all understand, is that its not reality we need a break from, but instead our expectations & perceptions that create the collective funk and perpetual exhaustion.

The definition of exhaustion is “the action or state of using something up or of being used up completely.“

We tired. Our life-force is tied up maintaining our belief systems instead of receiving the natural harmony of reality itself.

And when seven-hundred trillion volts of electricity (dis is you, in your current energetic output) decides these precious moments of life are something to be protected against and in conflict with, the result is a whole lotta coffee, anxiety, fights with nearest and dearest and verbal vommiting over anyone who will listen.

These reactions don’t make us bad, they makes us human, however, isn’t it nice to remember that while all the crazy crap in the mind spins… simultaneously there is a deep truth, and our innate desire is calling us to recognize what exists beyond the bind of limiting beliefs.

The masters of freedom remind us the value in asking ourselves — what are we missing out on by only believing in the projections of thoughts? Is there another way to do this boogie of life without taking the mind too seriously? If we set aside all worries, fears & projections… what would be left? (*of course, some of these beliefs are feeding familiar aspects of ourselves and the comfort of remaining inside the toxicity is somehow more nurturing than surrendering and entering the unknown. In that case, the question then becomes how long do I wish to stay in this pattern?)

As we dive into a curious exploration at what generates this thought machine called our mind, lets forget about meditation or spiritual practises with the intention to set a side the potential of kidding our way into peace and instead explore through honest seeing.

In Sanskrit the mind is termed as Manomaya Kosha, this aspect of us that is always here but rarely present. Worth repeating… This mind, always here.. but rarely present.

Like afternoons out for coffee, not fully listening cause I too worried about if I shut the stove off before leaving the house or mid-downward dog when an argument with my brother from yesterday seems much more interesting than any yoga wisdom being shared or when I have to re-read the page of my book three times because my mind is convinced that replaying a conversation I had with an ex 8 years ago is more important. Again.. the mind, always here but rarely present.

Stealing our natural ability to receive the medicine inside each present moment, sneaky tiresome thoughts continue to rob the potential for wholehearted connection, honest contentment and natural ease.

The grandeur of fear, the illusion of control, the insecurity of not enough… Lets just confirm these notions as some serious bullshit and expose the mind so we can humbly return it to its true home… the heart.

* 95% of the synapsis within the mind are formed before the age of five, when we are governed by the theta brain waves (hypnotic states). Meaning, the belief systems of our parents (and their parents, and their parents) occupy the majority of the reality we perceive. Bless them but do we really want to experience this miraculous existence though the same filters as great-great grandma Norma??

* You’ve been wrong before, we all have (and thank goodness for these humbling and human checks) this means that the very notions we cling to are a false projection of outdated beliefs. Why? Because truth cannot be part-time, by definition truth means if it is true now, it is always true, 100% of the time. With this understanding it becomes so clear that limiting thoughts cannot be true, because while today I feel broken, just yet yesterday I felt unstoppable. How could this broken be true now if it wasn’t true yesterday? Reality confirms it is all simply passing, the heart asks to stay patient and open while these all these cycles wash through.

..in other words, I am not defined by this passing situation nor all the feels associated with it.

* The mind is convinced its perceptions are true, yet it demands constant reassurance of its validity? Why would we place our identity around something that is on an unending search for approval?

* Each thought is auditioning for attention, getting louder and more complicated to establish life for itself (ie. Ego), the louder the thoughts get the more exhausting it is to keep up the story.

..when we are in the protection of these thoughts we are not in the fullness of reality.

* The beautifully messy mind has developed a habit of giving a wrong reading to reality., we take our logic as fact and when faced with fact, we forget to question it.

…start questioning & stop believing the thoughts that hurt you.

Your mind is not you, therefore not trusting the mind has nothing to do with not trusting yourself… it is simply bringing the power back to your innate intelligence, the wisdom within that beats the heart, stirs the cells, breathes food for the trees, procreates life itself.

This questioning and exposing the mind is simply a way to jumpstart awareness back into the true self that welcomes life as it is.. Naturally a radical shift and transformation begins to emerge, we somehow become a host for the soul instead of hostage to the mind.

When the mind is rooted in the spaciousness of the heart, reality becomes clear and while thoughts continue to stir but the value of their currency is much less. Therefore, mind begins to function in service of our greatest good and highest joy.

When we gently put down the armour, set aside any projections of life, expectations of loved ones, pressure of time and allow the mind to soften & receive reality as it is revealed, what is left?

The traditional teachings call it the anandamaya kosha (bliss body), other names for faces of the true self are Atman, Brahman, Soul… ehrrrmmm lets just say when the human form becomes a pure reflection of beauty & grace. Think — the little you that just received a double chocolate ice cream after a day at the beach — pure bliss.

The thing about this awakened & peaceful place is that it already exists right where we are. Worth repeating.. Here and now we are as alive & supported as we will ever be. We don’t have to travel to find it or drink from the holy Ganges or cleanse our crystals, the present moment is dripping with truth (love) our only job is to awaken to our already awake-ness… huh?!

Stay open to the art of arrival, continuing to compassionately question all thoughts, especially the ones that takes the wind out of your sails.

When the mind is in harmony with the present moment, this power of perception becomes such a gift. The way we move & feel & breath & receive becomes a reflection of grace, a spontaneous dance of freedom, an endless source of love.

So bless our mind & the life it continues to stir. May the dance of the mind come with a deep understanding of its nature. Stabalize in the heart that is no longer in conflict with what is, truth will find you there. Becoming available to regain that treasured state where being and doing become one. What the masters call your true nature.

Bless the journey.

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