Proceed with Caution.

Welcome to the all inclusive practice of self discovery.

Through asana, breath & deep restoration qualities of innate radiance & wellbeing emerge naturally.

And heres the thing... there is no particular mood, phase or level of foot behind your head // lick ur own muladhara required to access & experience these profound teachings of clarity, spaciousness, liberation & freedom.

The genius of yoga is it can be experienced directly... not as a distant peaceful state in the future or when things fall into place...


•Yoga does not care if it was a day drunk, birds chirping, sun shining, tropical beach or a loooooong, kids screaming, toe stubbing, parking ticket exhausting kinda day.

•It doesn't care how lovable or unloveable the conversation with a partner left you feeling.

•Yoga doesn't care if you are a hopeless romantic, serial monogamist or juggling more 'tantra massage' then you can handle.

•It doesn't care if a glass of wine turned into two bottles

•It doesn't care if your kids are mad at you or will only eat pizza for dinner.

•Yoga doesn't care if you only eat pizza for dinner.

•Yoga doesn't care if you haven't yet made peace with ouch 
conversations or if you like your in-laws or if they like you.

•If you are at the peak of success or on the brink of losing it all, yoga doesn't care.

•Whether you feel like Cleopatra reincarnated or Humpy Dumpty after devouring that chocolate cake... yoga doesn't care.

•Yoga don't care the last time your kundalini was rising or how many crystals it took to get you through mercury retrograde.

•Yoga doesn't care if your underarms smell like old spice or pachouli.

•Yoga doesn't care if you fart in yoga.

•Yoga doesn't care if you haven't touched your toes for 20 years, it doesn't even care if you haven't seen your toes for twenty years.

•Yoga doesn't care if you sent the thank you card or not.

•Yoga doesn't care if you don't know what yoga means.

•Whatever secret debts or residue resting in the heart...

Yoga just doesn't care. It is not in spite of our chaos but because of it that this practice of peace unfolds. The birth place of these teachings, India, in all its filth & glory, begs us to humbly meet our practice & ourselves amidst our own filth & glory!

So no, yoga doesn't care and that is because it is much more interested in the unconditional LOVE for & through ALL aspects of this human journey.

Those old patterns, stagnant thought forms, identities outgrown, false perceptions of lack are much to limited for the concepts of Yoga to hold on to as important.

Yoga cherishes even the heaviest states of mind as fuel for transcendence back into our original nature - which is (our birth rite) to experience & be in this world beyond confines of expectation, doubts, blame, guilt & fear. The remembering of our innate harmony that allows life to unfold with grace.

Yoga gifts us with the understanding that all the things we think we are or should be, hold no match to the core of our essence, the true self that is seated within the heart. This essence that patiently waits to be seen & remembered & trusted, giving us back our natural capacity to receive & appreciate life fully.

So the next time, inner dialog finds ways to stall your choice to meet the mat, please please please hear the whisper that reminds you...

Yoga only asks that we remain open & interested in meeting life though filters of truth. The truth of welcoming this human experience, in all its chaos & beauty wholeheartedly with the understanding that these desired states of peace, abundance & love are not separate from you 
because they ARE you.

Kim Erin