Kim Bali 2018-Dean Raphael-1.jpg

It does matter. 
Acts of love directed inward. 
There is a place deep within you … listening & yearning to be noticed. 
Even the smallest act of self love becomes a gateway for appreciation… this recognition becomes an honouring. 
And honouring is the antidote for shame. Unconsciously the wounds of shame cripple honest engagement with this precious human life. 
So lay down the love & give the broken places room to breathe. 
When touched with compassion it becomes obvious that the wounds are not personal. 
And while it may not be our fault such aches are pulsing within the veins, healing remains our responsibility. 
Stay open to the greatness of your spirit to stir up some high doses of love & the willingness to greet what rests beneath the chaos. 
Places of peace & clarity & expansion that desire to be trusted are not separate from you or this moment because in fact, they are you.

Kim Erin