On emotions

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Perhaps our most intense ally.

Isn’t life just an ode to the way things move us? Human enough to feel & heart enough to let go.

Emotion calls to move us in a way that feels unbound, allowing us to re-renter the strongest of life currents. With deep respect for both the days that couldn’t taste any sweeter & the days that grow teeth becoming nasty little maps of false perception & fear.

It all an exploration of our innate capacity to withstand the waves of our most intense human qualities & the undertow of confusion that comes with it.

If we sit with, allow & hold it all in the space of the heart we can return to a deep sense of relief. That this too is washing me free & expanding my being to include more life.

What the sages & poets of all traditions have called the unity of life, an ebb & flow that carves out just enough room for grace & its own mysterious logic to wash through us.

Than there are the moments when the mind is on fire, reality blurs & heaviness erupts all thoughts into a mash-up of foggy toxic implosions. Triggering a fierce desire to avoid the discomfort at all cost. But. We getting a bit too good at running / numbing from the depth of all feeling. This emotion is much wiser than us, after all it has been around waaaaayyyyy longer.

E-motion. Waves of anger, fear, grief, loneliness, uncertainty… asking only for permission to wash though. Let it.

We are innately designed to be strong enough to feel it all & soft enough to explore in these depths of the unknown. To retrieve the pieces of our love we’ve been looking for everywhere else.

Gradually & inevitably in the midst of a big emotional swell, a raw-ness will appear. Let it. By definition being raw is termed as strong & undisguised. What a gift. To be human, feeling fully.

Wisdom rests just beneath the need to wiggle away from any inner chaos.

Vulnerability equals radiance.

So the practise is to welcome moments.

All of them.

Moments that stir tsunamis of hidden stories exposing lifetimes of feelings to be unravelled.

They are genius little emotional bosses designed to wash us clean, flatten us out, sit us down revealing our human super powers of connection, compassion, healing & creativity in the only honest way — through experience.

It is in this process of emotional digestion that our most blessed characteristics can be fully seen & therefore trusted, within ourselves & other.

In the willingness to be flattened by emotion without the need to fend it off, creates the exact conditions needed to retrieve the sweetness we’ve misplaced.

Wishing you a wild ride designed specifically for love & life to move you in all directions.