On understanding

Yoga. Sequencing to mirror how the natural flow of life moves around us & within us.

A practice designed to embrace greater depth & freedom in wholeheartedly greeting how reality is playing out.

The container of the body holds lifetimes of information and our cumulative past has taken up much real estate within the current cellular tissue of the muscles, joints & fascia.

This is no joke... the way we move through life is being impacted on every level by monsters of stress, anxiety & reactivity. Excess tension in our tight hamstrings or worse... tight heart strings, have left us craving wholehearted connection to places of freedom, contentment & deep peace.

What was once used as a survival mechanism (a overactive sympathetic nervous system) has evolved into the dominant force behind our day to day interactions. But ya know… while tender wounds from our addictions to being busy or being numb or feeling not enough, are for real... they are only one small piece of our beautiful & genius human puzzle.

And cause we livin in a world that feeds these wounds over conversations of how blessed & grand & wise and fcuking incredible the gift waking up every morning truly is, we gotta create the conversations ourselves.

Life as art or a least as an honest unfolding of how these beating hearts are looking to be expressed through each moment.

This ride is sewww short.

Expression & wonder are the only game we got… personality as art, acts of vulnerability & love & curiosity as hot commodities for thriving. Insert sigh of relief, as this is already happening in both seen & unseen ways, within & around us at all moments.

IMG_0237 copy.JPG

Time to tap in.

This is NOT "inhale the good shit - exhale the bullshit." A cliche statement that has nothing to do with yoga -- which is the practice of connection.

If returning to inner dimensions of peace is to be a tangible & realistic endeavour, it requires radical acceptance & reverence for both the light & shadows, the uncertainty & grace that have kissed (or sometimes bitten) us with their wise ways.

Our ability to feel fully, these human waves of breaking & healing, leaning in & running away, creating & destructing, is exactly what will lead us to the connection & compassion we crave.

The heart knows how to truly honour & untangle the entire chaotic beautiful mess that exists within our cellular tissues & our everyday experience, it just asks for space to do so.

Space to feel, to take one precious moment to drop allegiance to the reactive mind. Okay, but how?! Nature will help, so does breath or yoga or tea or conversations with likeminded loves or a bath or … a having bath doing yoga in nature with likeminded loves… whatever ya gotta do.

Above all choosing to question mindsets that promote tension & seperation.

What does the loudest, most obnoxious or fearful thought need to feel nurtured or safe or learned through? Somewhere, inside just the question itself, without any attachment to answers, the heart stirs a dose of love. We all know that to take care of anything we have to pay attention to it.

So softly. Keep questioning, keeping creating space.

This has nothing to do with changing the trajectory of life (I am well aware that for many, this is not an option), it is simply changing our reactions to the current unfoldings.

When cherished along the way, life has room to move sweetly, somehow grace finds its way in & actions naturally become a reflection of this innate ‘ahhhhhhh it gonna be ok’.

This whole process of peace might be only one split second and that is enough.

We all heard it before from that one spiritual friend or Aunt (Janet, I Love You) or mid-vinyasa flow, that this one moment is really all we have.

All the spiritual masters knew it… and when you have that first sip of coffee or lock eyes with a new friend that you’ve somehow known forever or a little one reaches up & holds your hand or ya break a bone or fall in love or if you see living thing die or a dieing thing live, it becomes so clear, that the masters are right.

One moment IS enough, more then enough and each split second is carving out the next, from this moment the entire flow of life is derived.

In the remembering of this, the mundane becomes sewww special, not because we need to manipulate it (I think we are getting pretty exhausted from that whole control game) but it becomes special because IT IS already special and we finally found the space to receive that.

The complete restoration of our awake qualities doesn’t exist only on tropical islands but dwells inside the heart of us all, right here & right now.

What yoga gives us, through discipline & dedication, are pathways back to intrinsic goodness & space to breathe nourishment, joy & energy into each reality, regardless of how our mind is choosing to perceive our current situations.. there is a much more interesting playground to explore that exchanges judgments for curiosity; ways of perceiving beyond old narrow viewpoints.

May we create space to understand radical acceptance of where we are now, where we have been & the gift of a future that is not yet certain.

It all grist for the mill of experience and maybe even love, afterall… isn’t that what we came here for?