On relationships

Yoga, the practice of connection… ultimately training for the connection pro-league or olympics of being human, which is found within our relationships — all of ‘em.

Our complexity is beyond what we will ever understand & yet we are faced with the reality of relating to each other on the daily. Our unpredictable expressions, miscommunications & inner worlds make the dance of connection a playground rich in discovery & vulnerability.

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And on the grounds for which these relationships unfold, it is real that hurt will slither in... the ways in which our actions or words might unintentionally find a wound in others and vice versa.

Each interaction a portal that leads us to deeper & deeper understanding of who & how we are and where there might be more room to choose love, breath & to see clearly all the ways these souls are sum the best teachers we could ever dream of.

So those who reach inside us & have a genius way of pulling up our joy, playfulness & love, may we thank em.

And those who reach inside and dig through our insecurities, wounds, doubts, or anger… well bless them too.

To trade curiosity for judgment will create the space for wealth in self-discovery & appreciation / respect for that which we might never understand.

I think it was Marianne Williamson that said everything is either an act of love or a call for love. ALL things, imagine that... are an act of or deep need for love.

We can only hope that the ways we are showing up is anchored with this compassion.

Practice keeping heart & eyes clean and projection free, always leaving room for surprise & forgiveness & understanding, for ourselves and each other.

Each moment & relationship giving vision to the deepest core of who we are.

The willingness to see what is being reflected back to us will always reveal secrets of what is begging to be moved through & leaned into.

Sew many mirrors around here.

Radiance or turbulence… A practice in riding the currents of life in all the ways that give rise to clarity & appreciation.