Ladies, an offering for yeiww.

A practice designed to hold you during your heaviest times.

In a very Yin deficient world, this practice is an offering in deep deep restoration. Unpacking, uprooting & creating space to hold & nurture all places within the body, mind & heart that are tired.

The psyches & souls of women also have their own cycles & seasons of doing & solitude, running & staying, being involved & being removed, questing & resting, creating & incubating, being of the world & returning to the soul-place.
~ Clarissa Pinkola Estés

May this practice meet you where you are and allow you to be completely flattened. This energy that we try to avoid at all cost, the feeling of being flattened… and yet, aren’t the body & the heart craving to please please slow down? To let ourselves hit the ground & for once, not need to run, to let ourselves hit the ground & land. Landing in a way that welcomes, whatever experience our current reality is offering without resistance. In this way, the return to the soul-place happens naturally.

The freedom in letting everything, as it is, to just be… even if only for an hour ❤

The sequencing will target & free up meridians that often become stagnant, sore & tired during menstruation. So. If you, like so many, suffer from much pain & cramping & resting bitch faces while your bleeding… this class is for you.

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