The genius of change

If we are open to discover...Life always reflects an abundance of wisdom within change and the art of letting go.

The thing about letting go, is if we really knew how… We would have already.


A practice in creating the conditions for the softness of surrender to happen naturally, organically & without force.

Not holding tightly to our accepted picture of reality so as to ride the currents of life in all the ways that give rise to clarity from a heart (mahbah even souls) perspective.
Compassion & courage, our highest allies in the games of goodbye.

The root of the word courage is cor—the Latin word for heart. Courage originally meant “To saturate one's mind by hearing all thats within one's heart.”

In this realm of unity from within, we attempt to touch the fear of surrender with mucho integrity & heaps of softness.

Despite our efforts to sometimes resist this process of change it remains as natural as the exhalation. A certain sort of demand from within recognizes the essential flow of life itself & continues to reveal all the seen & unseen ways that this transition is supported.

Sending love as life weaves for you. May the eruptions of letting go bring deeper curiosity & bottomless exploration for all the faces this of this wild reality.

Kim Erinlife, discover, courage