Coming & Going

I’ll tell you what - this coming and going sure does pull at the heart strings. I have always been thankful for the way life delivers so many good folks to miss.

How has your world been turning lately? Around here, its been all the feelings.

The way that life stirs.

The miracles & tragedies, sometimes daily… becoming our greatest teachers of expansion. This week, the heart pulled in so many different directions. Its been full in every way, from very difficult conversations & making choices that affect people I love, I have witnessed grown men crumble over matters of the heart, seen the resilience of the human spirit rise up in the face deep grief, a best friend creates brand new life bringing her first baby earthside, a beloved teacher suffers second degree burns on the top half of her beautiful body, I have wept over the news and screamed at the broken system of suppression & yet now experiencing celebrations of cultural independence on a Fijian island, each moment both shadows & light dance to a rhythm recognized only by the heart. This business of being human is no joke. Freekin amazing the depths that we are here to touch.

The contrasts that leave us guessing are contracts that the soul has signed before the mind questioned any of it.

We just spinning through trials, big & small, that clearly show our attempts at control aren’t amounting to much. The trials open us to confront every part of our being that holds itself back in resistance to what is, in resistance to what life presents in this very moment.

So life simply asks that we get a bit more comfortable with the possibility of discomfort in not knowing and realize we don’t have to understand anything for life to work out with synchronicity and generous grace. The struggle of receiving an abundance of blessings within the current picture of reality is in direct proportion to the attempt to hold on to what has been. So don’t. Just let it move you. Becoming a gracious host for emotions to run wild, cleaning out the cobwebs of stagnation to create space for more life to flood in. Breathing back up to the surface where reality greets you with the most open & loving arms.

Once emotions are aired out, there is no longer striving to be here now, cause if ya look around, it is pretty clear to see we already ARE here now. Our direct participation & rowdy playfulness creates the conditions spin around this sun, doing the best we can to feel fully our aliveness & make more space for love.