The orbit of your heart.

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A heart will break one-thousand times...but rise one-thousand and one. 

Oh yes....and that ache, those stories. You know the ones. They strike a chord & that all to familiar longing makes itself known. Stirring our resting giants of fear & the accompanying thoughts that hijack peace. 

The practice. Dig deep. Trust in the grace of one sweet breath to free up places that ache. Rest in the silence of this moment created to facilitate healing. Healing as a remembering that you are already whole.

The truth that resides will shatter the mind & awaken the heart into a thousand whispers of how this moment is indeed supported. A heart that radiates all the love you have ever wanted.

You will find it here. In this very moment, a conversation of harmony that the spirit of you knows very well.

You will find it because you are here, on this path of active healing. Purposeful, compassionate intent to realign with the grace of being alive. As a birth rite you have purchased your ticket to this journey of expansion.

Breathe to remember and create the space your heart seeks. What would it feel like, to once again trust this journey? Your journey?

You will find the stoke to restore radiance because there is a part of you that already has.

Kim ErinComment