Ode to Earth Day.

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To love something deeply is to cherish & respect.

True love when gratitude runs through the veins, heartbeats synchronise & all choices reflect pure intentions.

The kind of love that has a hold on every breath.

I wonder what would happen if we all fell madly in love with this planet earth? You know, really got to know her, called back after a first date, spent energy showing our best side & time learning about her past or fears on the future.

I suppose the best way to fall in the love with anything is to get to know it so well one day we recognise we are not separate. Love then becomes unconditional. The kind that turns us into warriors...to take care of & protect all ways.

If we all fell madly in love with this incredibly wise & beautiful Mother Earth again.. like we once did when we climbed trees & played in rain & swam in lakes or the sea... We used to recognise that this is what gives us life. Each breath a reminder. Reduce, reuse, recycle & conscious choices might not be such a chore then...maybe more of a privilege

Kim Erin