Letters to Ego.


Things always be changing & yet the fact that we can notice such changes means there is a constant observer, a witness, a soul… remaining unchanged but deeply touched by the blessings of expansion that both breaking & healing, love & grief, chaos & beauty gifts us. Rooted through gravity this body stands & fluid through unseen currents this heart creates.

While it sounds sewww pretty ‘ the blessing of expansion’ the truth is it doesn’t always feel pretty.

Like a lot of growing pains or lessons in the school of life… they are not always welcome, sometimes we are resistant to them, or worse they just go right by while attention is elsewhere.

And so we discover the same lessons over & over & over again until we create the space to receive fully the love within the learning.

From the perspectives of love, it becomes so clear that the changing stories within our current reality are much to small to define the vast nature of our essence, they act only as a lush jungle for the soul to play.

The growing pains we meet along the way, just asking for kind attention to bring us home to the heart. Where action arises out of the sincere reverence for this journey of contrasts that keep us guessing & heartfelt connection that holds us tight. Our ability to be human enough to feel and heart enough to let go.

Kim Erin