kimberly erin
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We will be lost & unlost countless times throughout this precious human life -
each of our personal stories holds potential to lighten the collective karmic load,
transforming chaos into grace.


Hello. Nice to meet you.


All who arrive will leave with a heart that is full.
Led to a deeper understanding of how to live with fierce intent & unbound compassion.
Summon the courage to lighten the load of karmic debts and once again feel connected to the wisdom within, here & NOW.

Kimberly’s teachings seamlessly bridge ancient wisdom, science & modern thinking. With great joy & passion, in this year alone she has shared the richness of yoga throughout Canada, Australia, SE Asia & Europe.

A path in alternative therapy that began at a young age, thanks to a family who honours soul nourishment. Influenced by both her mumma, also a yoga teacher & the richness of her Native American culture, the roots yoga are deeply woven into Kimberly’s constitution. Over the past ten years, through much practice, study, devotion & the beautiful mess of life itself, she has acquired qualifications that formally allow her to plug her heart into others.


Everything in this life will continue to ebb & flow around and within, none of it ever truly belonging to us. Grateful for the ways life shows up with its many faces, teachers, messes & exact formulas to humble us so our interactions stay honest and charm us so our expressions stay vibrant.
— Kimberly


As a Holistic Health Practitioner & E-YT 500, the journey has infused every aspect of life. Formal yoga training was taken throughout South East Asia and Mexico, Hatha (200hr) and Chakra Vinyasa Yoga (300hr). A Holistic Health Practitioner program was completed at Grant Macewan University in Canada. These qualifications have allowed for many beautiful connections facilitating workshops & classes around the world for the last eight years.

You can expect an honest & playful approach to wellness. Allowing the teachings to meet you exactly where you are. Infusing humour, music & ancient wisdom into each class creates a deeply moving & real journey from the head to the heart.